A Huge Collection of Stunning Bathrooms

At BH Bathroom we are proud to offer our customers a complete end to end solution for their bathroom design and installation needs; all with sound advice on positions, appliances and how to create a bathroom that works to your budget, size and style.

Stunning Bathroom Design

Your bathroom might be your sanctuary, your tub might be your cocoon of calm and tranquillity and your only quiet escape in your own home.

For others of you, your bathroom needs to look beautiful, but it is a fully functional family bathroom that needs space, storage, a shower, bathtub and room for 2 sinks to make life a little easier and outlets for shaving, hairdryers and electric toothbrush charging.

Further still, you might have no clue what you want your bathroom to look like. You know what you like, you know the colour you want but the fixtures and fittings are unclear; let us at BH Bathroom step in and start by saying “let us help you”.

Our products are durable, stylish and unique; from modern and high-tech functionality to classic curves and deep tubs, from homely and robust finishes to spa-like features for the ultimate escapism.

Our Skills Range from Tiling & Plumping to Carpentry, Electrics, Plastering, Decorating & More.

A Huge Collection of Stunning Bathrooms - BH Bathroom

Our complete service means we can keep you updated throughout the process with a lovely blend of fluidity and consistency.

From the initial consultation to designing, planning, installing and finishing we are pleased to offer an utter bookended experience.

Our friendly and highly professional team of customer care, installer’s, designed and suppliers are all available to ensure you get the bathroom you want, even if you don’t quite know what it is you want!