Benefits Of A New Bathroom

A new bathroom can vastly enhance the aesthetics of your home and provide another source of comfort. Whether you want to install a new bathroom in a home extension or loft, it provides an opportunity to improve the decor and design of your property. Apart from creating an additional source of relaxation, there are numerous other benefits.

Why Install A New Bathroom?

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Do not underestimate the effect a stunning new bathroom can have on your home’s value. Many buyers specifically search for more than one luxury bathroom and this will entitle you to sell your property at a higher price. According to research, an extra bathroom can elevate a property’s value by 5%.

Make The Most Of Extra Space

Most homes will have areas that are unused or don’t add anything to the decor. Therefore, installing a new bathroom ensures you make use of this space while adding something useful for residents. It doesn’t matter if you install a large bathroom, ensuite bedroom or small toilet, your extra space will not go to waste.

More Convenient

For residents who struggle to walk up the stairs, using the bathroom can be a challenging ordeal. So new bathroom installation on the ground floor can improve convenience and quality of life. If a family member or friend has a serious disability, you can also install handrails or a walk-in bath to further enhance comfort.

Not to mention, having two or more bathrooms at home can help to reduce stress levels. In the mornings before work, you and your housemates don’t need to take turns. Instead, you can seamlessly undertake all the self-care activities you need. This goes for the evenings too, where you can relax and have a bath without being pressured to get out.

Accommodates A Growing Family

Installing a new bathroom is essential for a growing family. If you and your partner are planning to have children, you will need the extra space and utilities to go with them. New bathroom installation can be specially designed to match your families needs. For example, an en-suite bathroom to make cleaning and self-care a straightforward process for your child.