Design for Small Bathrooms: 5 Ways to Improve your Space

Design for Small Bathrooms: 5 Ways to Improve your Space

Reasons Why Getting Your Bathroom Remodelled, Refurbished or Redesigned is Beneficial

Work with what you have…

OK, so you have a Design for Small Bathrooms… Are you at a loss with it? Don’t know how to manage the space you have?

Many of us just accept defeat when it comes to improving small spaces around the home, making redecorating feel futile and hard work, well, think again. The truth is, it is these smaller spaces that can make such a big difference to the overall feel and look of your home.

Getting your bathroom remodelled, refurbished or redesigned could be incredibly beneficial for several reasons:

So, how do we create an oasis in your tiny bathroom that will leave you feeling serene, relaxed and comfortable?

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1, Colours

Let’s talk colour scheme… It’s amazing what a well-chosen colour can do for the look and feel of your bathroom. The key to creating the look of more space is to go very light. The light walls become more reflective, making the area feel brighter, more open while working in unison with the natural light. Look for soft tones of white, blue, green or any pastel hues that you like.

2, Natural Light

Sticking with the light and colour theme – one way of adding more depth perception and space to your bathroom is to add additional sources of natural light; this can be done with the instalment of a skylight (not only very pleasing to the eye but also a great boost if you decide to sell your property down the line) or bigger windows.

Creating increased brightness to the room boosts the flow of light around the room, making it feel airy and luminous.

3, Storage

Be smart about your storage choices; try not to let your storage intrude on the space you have, this closes the walls in further and gives you less floor area, making the entire room feel close. Choosing multi-purpose furniture doubles up the job of your storage without having to add additional pieces to the room. Select wall shelves, towel racks, light soft furnishings and overhead cupboards to give you more space, less clutter and better storage facilities.

4, Greenery & Art

Even though we have already touched on this, wall space is a really good way to get things out of the way, but the walls do not just have to be used for functional items, think about the decorative design, the feel of the room and the feeling you want from the space. Adding touches of personality to the bathroom with hanging plants and interesting art is a great way to incorporate character and design to a small space.

5, Mirror

Large, well-placed mirrors are a true blessing for any small area. The mirror’s reflection gives the whole room a surprising lift and feel of added space. Providing the illusion of depth and the reflection of the natural light, mirrors are not only functional in the bathroom but also an absolute necessity.

*Tip – double up and try a storage cupboard that has mirrors on the doors.