Embracing Your Feminine Side | BH Bathroom

Embracing Your Feminine Side

Your bathroom could be soooo much more!

 If you have made the decision get a new bathroom installed, let’s make it the perfect blend of stylish, homely and beautiful. Let it represent you.

These days it can be hard to find a little corner of the house that is just for you, where you can have some much needed “me” time and where you won’t be disturbed. Often fairly cold and sterile, your bathroom isn’t normally the first place you might think of to relax in. It’s hard surfaces and neutral tones can make many of us think it is just a room that purely screams functionality. If you are one of these people, prepare to think again…

… if you are looking to refurbish your bathroom, make sure it is a place you can relax, a place you can get ready in effortless ease. Make it a room you can have time to yourself and give yourself at-home spa treatments, whatever it is you do, get the most out of your bathroom by making it a place you want to be.


Choosing bold paint for a feature wall or warming metallic finishes in copper or gold can escalate your bathrooms appearance drastically. By choosing soft colours and gentle finishes you can start to make your bathroom feel more feminine and less harsh and clinical. Glossy paints not only adds a nice finishing touch but high-gloss is great for resisting moisture and in a bathroom that is definitely a plus.

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Softer Edges

If you are completely re-hauling your bathroom, adding more extra light is a great way to add softness and practicality to the room. The natural light is great for making the room feel light and airy, while the additional light is also good for make-up applications and cleaning. Laying light is a great way to get the feel you like, when you want it. From dimmer lights and blinds to mirror lights and additional windows; you can get varying ambiance at a click of a switch. Additionally, by adding rounded taps and softer surfaces you can get a more feminine feel without compromising on functionality and necessity.


A big walk-in shower, a freestanding bathtub, a soft colour theme which echoes around the room from towels and blinds to candles and wall art or even large corner plants can help add colour and vitality to the room.

Bathrooms may not be the first room you think of when you think homely and stylish but that is all about to change. Impress your family, friends and neighbours or really anyone that pops over with your brand new bathroom; feminine, airy and all yours!