The Perfect Finishing Touches for a High End Bathroom

If you want a high end bathroom it’s not only the bathroom fittings you need to think about, the devil is in the detail, and so the finishing touches are just as important to the overall look and feel of your space. Below are some simple ideas that can help you achieve a luxury look.

1) Get a Bath Tray

A decorative bath tray will add some style to your high end bathroom. Not only can it give your space that spa feel, but it is also the perfect place to store your wine and candle whilst you unwind in a hot bubble bath.

2) Add a Folding Screen

A folding screen adds an unique vintage feel to your luxury bathroom. It is also a way to divide the space, or give you some privacy if you find yourself unable to bath in peace, thanks to peeping children.

3) Invest in Art

Luxurious Modern Bathroom interior design,white bathtub on grunge dark blue wall,3d render

Bathrooms are often decorated in neutral tones with minimal accessories, but if you want to do something different with your space why not use those blank walls as a space to hang art. Before jumping into a purchase, do your research and pick a piece that won’t be damaged by condensation or water splashes.

4) Add a Chaise Lounge

Having a chaise lounge in your bathroom is the ultimate symbol of luxury. Bathrooms are often just seen as a place to wash, but having a chaise lounge in the room will encourage you to sit down, relax and unwind. If you don’t have room for a full chaise lounge in your high end bathroom, an armchair will achieve the same look

5) Experiment with Mood Lighting

To make your space as relaxing as possible you could make use of mood lighting, giving you plenty of options.