Fixtures and Fittings for a Luxury Bathroom

If you don’t make the effort to keep an eye out for the latest renovation ideas and interior trends, your home can quickly begin to look outdated and tired. Luckily, there are a few fixtures and fittings you can invest in to improve your home’s appearance and functionality, alternatively, you could opt for a luxury bathroom installation to breathe life into your bathroom.

Built in Storage

Although built-in storage cabinets can be more expensive than conventional ones, they offer great space saving solutions, particularly important if you want to transform a small bathroom into a luxury space. Built in cabinets will offer you more room and an aesthetic look and feel.

Refreshing Bathroom Fittings

If you want to revitalise your bathroom, without having to fit a brand new luxury bathroom, refreshing your bathroom fittings can be a quicker and easier option. As time moves on and styles change your fittings can quickly go out of fashion. Many people are opting for gold or brass taps and handles now, where a few years ago it was all about silver. Small changes like this can transform your bathroom.

Light Fixtures

Replacing the light fixtures and fittings of your home can also hugely transform the space. Bathrooms are often designed to be light, bright and airy. But opting for something darker and more brooding can transform your space into a luxury bathroom. Opting to install dimming switches and a selection of light fittings gives you a range of options when it comes to your bathroom.

Add Some Art

Bathroom walls are often a blank canvas, purposefully left plain to make the space feel bigger and cleaner. But adding some wall art can give your bathroom that hotel-style luxury feel. If you’re the type to get bored of your home decor quickly, rotating your wall art can be a much cheaper option than redecorating every 6 months. You can also rotate your bathroom accessories, such as mats and towels, with the art, opting for darker shades in winter and brighter shades in summer.