Handmade Wood Baths

Is there anything more blissfully relaxing than a long soak in a hot, beautifully sculpted tub that sits impressively in your bathroom?

With a flurry of options on baths available, it can be easy to get lost in the various colours, shapes and sizes, making your selection evermore confusing. However, whilst not always the most common of choices; a wooden bath can provide a luxurious, exotic addition to any bathroom suite.

But, why are wooden baths so appealing? 

The Beauty of A Wooden Bath

A Sanctuary

Did you know that wooden baths are known to have restorative attributes? Relaxing handcrafted baths such as these have incredibly positive health and wellbeing benefits. The bath releases intoxicating fragrances making you feel soothed and healed after a tough day?

The wooden bath is filled with water to exude an enchanting fragrance that soothes, makes you feel at ease and truly calm while you gently soak and wash away your day. Associated with stress relief and aiding problematic areas such as insomnia and anxiety, this is a great way to feel like you are having a spa experience at home.

 Beautifully Distinctive

Aesthetically, this style of bespoke bath is designed to suit any finish, whether classic or contemporary giving individuality to any bathroom space. Charming and impressive wooden baths are either freestanding or perfectly integrated to fit the contours of your bathroom. Stunning and bespoke there is no better way to create a unique character in your home.


Made to last, these specially polished baths are finished with antiseptic, moisture-resistant protection to keep the bath looking good and ready to use. With maintenance simple and effortless, these baths are made to last. This unique and timeless design means a wooden tub is suitable for all homes. Generally made with oak, wenge, larch or cedarwood; the process of treating the wood ensures longevity and staying power due to its high resistant properties.

You’ll wonder why it took you so long to get one….