3 Things You Must Check Before Hiring A Bathroom Fitter

Looking to Refurbish your Bathroom? Time for a change?

You’ve flicked through the magazines, you’ve taken inspiration from Pinterest, an episode of Homes Under the Hammer has given you some ideas and your neighbors beautiful new en-suite has made you envious.

With so many options on tiles and fittings, new technologies, power showers and heated toilet seats as well as fitting, fixtures, and storage; it can be hard to decide on the style.

Though regardless of your vision, getting your bathroom fitted properly requires professional, skilled tradesman.

With health and safety regulations, plumbing training and heating and gas engineer qualifications to consider, peace of mind that the job is done right is essential.

Bathroom Fitter


So, what tips can we give you?


  1. Be Clear

When you have decided exactly what you want for your bathroom, including if an extension needs to be built or walls need to be knocked through to create more space. Collect as many visuals as you can as well as any mod cons that you might want to implement in the refurb.

Once all this research has been done finding the right fitters to actualize your vision comes next. DO NOT spend all your time on your mood board and no time on finding the perfect tradesman. Give yourself time to shop around.


You may have decided what you want but now you need to establish how are you are going to get it. Get quotes, work out payment plans and get a final figure so there are no hidden surprises when the bill comes at the end.

This should include all materials and labor costs. Any added extras such as high-tech features that might be appealing should also be added to quotes to see what you can afford and where cuts can be made if any.

  1. Rapport and Credentials

Does your chosen fitter see your vision? Have you researched quotes, testimonials, and experience of your bathroom fitters? These are essential factors when considering hiring. Ensure you are comfortable from the get-go with your fitters.

Have you been offered options on fixtures and alternative models, has the process been explained to you including any potential issues? Ensure you get a detailed timeline so you know how long you will be without a bathroom before the job is finalized.

Aftercare is just as important  – Customers tend to feel more confident with a job if they know they can call the team after the building portion of the job has been completed, should they need to.

have fun picking your ideal bathroom, the process should be exciting and exactly what you want with no unwelcome surprises.