How Much is a Bathroom Suite?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to get your bathroom re-done? Ever been round to a friend’s house and wondered how much they might have paid for their new bathroom suite or ever thought about a bathroom refurb but was convinced you couldn’t afford it?

The Costs Of A Bathroom Suite

How Much is a Bathroom Suite - BH Bathroom London

At BH Bathrooms we have decided to give you the information you need to make an informed decision

We are more than happy to discuss all options with you to find the suite that best suits your style, needs, budget, and size. We believe in being completely transparent with our customers; it’s important to have all the information so you can make an informed decision on bathroom design, safety, and functionality that is required to ensure you have completed the installation and the bathroom of your dreams.

At BH Bathroom we know the budget is important; we understand that occasionally our wants don’t always match up with what we need so we want to give you an idea of how much getting a new bathroom suite could cost.

In A Basic Sense, A Full Suite Consists of A Toilet, A Sink, and A Bath

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Our options are varied and so costs can be as little as under £200 for a beautiful suite ranging upwards. Our gallery of options is available so do have a look to get some inspiration. Our team is also on hand to discuss options, pricing and time factors with you.

But the suite fixtures are not where the costs end, it is important to be mindful of costs relating to installation and labor charges. Areas such as tiling, plastering, painting, lights, shower and cabinet installations, plus radiators, and any additional fixture and fitting you might require all need to be considered. Job times can vary from 1 hour to 2 days on a number of these fittings. Though do not let this put you off. The most important aspect is to decide on your budget and then work out the best suite for you, we can talk through pricings and times with you to get the best possible bathroom for your costs.

Our team at BH Bathroom wants to give you a quality experience, the finest products and all for a cost that suits you. We want to help keep costs down so call us today and let’s discuss creating the perfect bathroom for you and your family.