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With more time spent at home, many of us have turned our hand to DIY. We have realised that there is a lot of home improvement that can be achieved and while we have this additional time at home, now is the time to make those changes. One area that is often neglected is the bathroom. Refreshing the look and feel of your bathroom can be an incredibly beneficial, and uplifting way to improve the look and value of your home while giving yourself the chance to enjoy the space and give yourself some “me” time during this challenging period.

If you have ever considered getting a beautiful new tub in the house, you might have wondered if it is a job you can do yourself.

Whilst we do recommend the job to be done by a professional with experience in bathroom installation if you are a skilled DIY-er and have the time; here is a guide to fitting a bath in your home:

How to Fit A Bath BH Bathroom

1. Preparing the Space

.Removing the old bath and panelling will need to happen before anything else.

.Turn the water supply off and run the taps till the water is completely gone.

.Disconnect the taps and waste

.Ensure the bath is unattached from the wall and move the bath away gently to make room for the new one.

2. Fitting the Shiny New Tub

.The Piping

This is probably the most daunting part of the entire process. If you are doing a like for like replacement, the task should be a lot simpler, if however the positioning is different, installing new piping may be needed
.Turn off the water before working with the pipes
Ensure the pipes finish no more than 300mm away from where the bath taps will be fitted.
.The Feet
Fitting the bath requires you to carefully turn the bath upside down to fit the feet effectively. Using a protective sheet will help to ensure the bath is not damaged on the tiles. The feet must be correctly fixed in place to ensure that weight distribution is evenly spread. It is at this stage that you can level up the bath using a spirit level to ensure the feet are on correctly and the wall brackets are in the right place. Making adjustments at this stage will make the rest of the process a lot less difficult.
3. The Taps
.Ensure the sealing washer is placed over the base of the tap before it gets fitted through the tap hole.
If you have 2 taps, make sure the hot tap is secured on the left and the cold tap is on the right. Tighten in place with the nuts and connect the hose.

4. In Place
Attach the bath to the brackets and fix into place before sealing. When applying silicone sealant, fill the bath with water, as this will ensure the sealant doesn’t pull away from the tiles when in use which could lead to severe leaking. Wait for the sealant to dry for around 4-6 hours, and then empty the bath.

Seeking professional assistance is definitely the preferred method for big tasks such as these but if you are looking to do it yourself, ensure you are prepared and have extra help if needed.