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Did you wake up on New Year’s Day and suddenly hate your bathroom? Did you wake up feeling like you needed a change? Are you looking for a sanctuary amongst all the chaos in everyday life?

Wash away your troubles with a bath full of bubbles…

You, my friend, are not alone.

More people than ever before wake up fresh-faced on New Year’s Day and want to make their home and life a little better.

Look no further than BH Bathrooms, our team are experienced and skilled in creating a perfect space for you and your family. Whether you are looking for new features and fittings, a complete restoration job or anything in-between our team can handle it. From consultation to assessment, design and installation to a fully briefed aftercare service we provide our clients with a true book-end experience.

Bathroom Fitters

You might be looking for something traditional and cosy with a freestanding bath and deep colours or perhaps modern pale tones, walk-in high-pressure shower and a flurry of mod-cons, you might like more natural lighting, or functional attributes such as underfloor heating, extractor fans and waterproof high-tech TV and radio features; whatever your visual desires, we can create a dream bathroom that suits you and your family’s style and needs.

We are happy to help you design your ideal sanctuary with an array of options on beautiful bathroom suites ranging in colour, style and prices we know we can meet your needs. If, indeed you are looking for something more bespoke; ceiling light fixtures, storage, whirlpool baths, titles and suitable flooring we can work together to get the finish you want. Your bathroom is not just another room; it’s a place for relaxing, a place the whole family uses, a place used by guests, a place that exudes luxury, space and energy-efficient features. This doesn’t just mean a bathroom your neighbours will be envious of but it means adding serious value to your home. We see no downside.

So, if you are looking for high-end, quality bathroom fitters and installers our team can talk to you today about your dream bathroom.