An Expert’s Guide to the Perfect Bathroom Design

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is used by everyone; family, friends, visitors and guests, so it should be a room you are proud to show off. And while any bathroom must be fully functional and useful it is also a place to relax, to get ready, to have some much needed ‘me time’.

If, however, the bathroom looks uninspired and uncomfortable in any way, the room quickly goes from being an inviting haven to an uncomfortable room.

So, whether you are considering renovating, refurbishing or completely remodelling your perfect bathroom, take the time to examine these expert design suggestions that will ensure superb qualities, effective use of space and a transformative relaxation zone.


First things first, how much space do you have to play with? Are you extending your current bathroom, using the current space or moving to a new home? An architect or bathroom designer will help to set out a floor plan for you so you can visualise and stipulate what you need and where.


Perhaps you want something traditional and classic or contemporary and filled with mod cons. You might have taken inspiration from a bathroom you saw on holiday or a colour scheme you liked in a restaurant. You might want clean lines, white walls and scattered spot lighting or you could be after ornate fixtures, hanging baskets and subtle tones. You might want your bathroom to look like you are in a luxury spa or a high-end hotel. Whatever you wish, it’s important to run with your theme and style and create a bespoke space that works for you and your family.



The fixtures and fittings work in tandem with the floor plan. Yes, you need a toilet and a sink, but what design are you looking for? Do you want a freestanding bathtub, a walk-in shower room, twin basins, and separate shower/bath combo or built-in storage to tie the room together? Consider how you want the sink, bath and shower to stand; either wall-mounted, counter-top, or freestanding.


Remodelling your bathroom is the perfect time to add any additional storage you need. It is one area that is always considered last but often is one of the most important features for the homeowner. Maybe you want to think about hung cabinets, freestanding units and vanity cases to build-in cupboard space and discrete cabinets to ensure all your items are tidied away and all bathroom necessities are stored tidily, easily and completely accessibly.

Light and Colour


Are you looking to add additional natural light with more windows, larger windows or even a skylight? Do you want to add dimmer lights for those long, relaxing soaks in the tub you like during evening or perhaps you need more lighting around the mirror for getting ready? Light and colour brings the whole room together; it can create more space with additional mirror placements and windows, it can feel brighter and airy because of the colour you pick for the walls. It can be dramatic with wall tiles, dark shades and low lighting. You might want to accessorise the room with bold colours that echo the character of the fixtures and fittings.

Watching it all come together is by far the most rewarding experience of any remodelling project. With so many areas to consider when designing your perfect space, it all needs to start with a vision. From the type of flooring material to the tile design, make sure you get the exact fittings and fixtures needed without compromising on the aesthetics.