Tips for Planning a New Bathroom Installation

Planning a new bathroom installation can be a daunting task, there is lots to think about. However, if you take a step back at the beginning of the process you can make sure you plan a new bathroom installation that makes a splash for all the right reasons.

1)Work out what you need from your bathroom

This is the most important step. Working out what you need will have a huge impact on your bathroom design. Choose what is most important to you, do you want plenty of storage space, do you want a double sink for a big family, or are you adamant you need a free standing bath? Once you decide your non-negotiables you can start planning the finer details of the new bathroom installation.

2)inalise a budget

Once you know what you want from your bathroom you should decide on a budget. Deciding on a budget in advance means you can prioritise where to spend and where to save. It also means you can check against the budget to make sure your bathroom installation is staying on track.

3)Measure up your space

Measuring up your space is the next step, this ensures you have room for the non-negotiable bathroom features you have set your heart on.

If you can get your hands on some big pieces of cardboard you may want to cut out to-scale shapes of the bath, sink, toilet and any furniture you want in your bathroom. Then you can move these around to work out what is the best arrangement.

4)Decide on your layout

Once you’ve cut out your cardboard bath, sink and toilet, and moved them around a million times, you can settle on a layout.

It is important to remember that if your current bathroom layout works well for you it may be worth keeping it the same as changing the layout during a new bathroom installation can add a significant amount to your final cost.

5)Seek out inspiration

Once you have done the nitty gritty bits you can move onto the exciting part, planning the design. Choosing your style from early on can be a good idea when it comes to a new bathroom installation. This ensures you end up with a cohesive look. Gather a mood board or inspiration board to make sure you stay on track.