The pros and cons of DIY bathroom installation

So you’ve finally found the time to build your luxury bathroom. You’ve been saving up for a while, you’ve got yourself a decent budget and now you’re ready to start work on the bathroom of your dreams.

There’s just one problem: luxury bathrooms are expensive!

When it comes to home renovations, budgeting can be a nightmare in disguise. You might think you’ve put aside a hefty budget, but when you factor in all the costs, that money has a tendency to disappear a lot faster than you might have hoped. That being said, there are some quick tricks and simple tips to keep your project within budget and still give you the luxury bathroom experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Decide What’s Important

It never hurts to get your priorities straight and in this case, that means deciding what the phrase ‘luxury bathroom’ means to you. Now, when some people think of a luxury bathroom they’re purely focused on functionality. They want an expensive shower, underfloor heating, and a nice big bath. If that’s you then the trade-off is easy. You don’t need the most expensive tiles in the world, or a beautiful basin because none of those will change how your appliances function.

On the other hand, if aesthetics really matter to you, then life gets a bit trickier and you may have some tough decisions in store.

Where To Save And Where To Spend

If you’re really worried about where to make trade-offs then there’s a pretty simple question to make your life easier: can this be replaced? If it can be replaced at a later date then it’s not so urgent. As a general rule, this means your shower tray and wall tiles are going to matter a lot more than your doors and basin.

That being said, it never hurts to throw a little extra cash at fixtures and fittings. Knobs, taps, and towel racks – even expensive ones – are always going to be a lot cheaper than mirrors, sinks, and toilets, so that little extra spend goes a long way.

So there you go. It might not be everything you dreamed of, but if you prioritise well and spend money where it’s needed you can still have a luxury bathroom on a reasonable budget.