Should the toilet have its own room?

Whether you are looking for a new home, renovating your house or looking to refresh the look and feel of your property, one room is always a top priority; the bathroom and more specifically the location of the toilet.

Many people yearn for a separate room for the toilet, while others have no issue with the bathroom also including this facility. But why is it such a contentious topic?

Your time in the bathroom can be precious; you might love taking a long hot soak in the tub or enjoying a quiet moment while you shower. Due to the flooding of natural light, your bathroom might also be your dressing area or perhaps your time in the bathroom is more functional. Whatever your habits, it is inevitable that at some point there will be another household member that needs to use the toilet, which will always be a priority, resulting in delaying one’s day or relaxation time.

Those with several bathrooms might find this less of an issue and those with a separate toilet area, always seem to be glad of the additional space.

Should the toilet have its own room

So, the question remains, should the toilet have its own room?

Well, let’s look at the positives:

Increased privacy

Fewer interruptions while you are in the bathroom

More hygienic

Less intrusive

Can increase the value of your property

toilet room

The Cons

These rooms are often a lot smaller and colder than any other room in the house, which can often be uncomfortable for those who fear small spaces.

Adding a new room may mean taking space away from your existing bathroom or hallway area to make the toilet room work, this can make the house feel smaller.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right options for your home. Larger families often benefit hugely from an added bathroom space, while those who live alone might be less worried about the privacy aspect and perhaps more inclined to ensure there is a separate guest toilet room instead. Whatever you decide, ensure you seek professional plumbing advice. It is important there are no issues, blocks or obstructions if adding a separate toilet to your property.