Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Clever storage solutions and smart finishes can mean even the smallest bathrooms can look stylish whilst still being practical and space efficient. Whilst you may dream of a huge bathroom with a free standing bath and roaring fireplace, this is not always possible, and instead of sacrificing a bedroom for a spacious new bathroom, you may want to work with what you’ve got instead. No matter the size of your space, do not despair, we think compact bathrooms can be just as beautiful, here are some tips on how to make the most of the space.

1)  An oval bath can create the illusion of space
Just because you have a small bathroom, does not mean you need to shy away from a bath. An oval freestanding bath cuts corners to create the illusion of more space. You might also want to look for a bath tray, not only do these look picture perfect, but they are also the perfect storage space for your bath time supplies.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

2) Make use of awkward corners
If your bathroom has low ceilings in certain corners, and there is not enough head room for a shower, you may still be able to fit a bath into your bathroom remodel, which will make use of the space that isn’t tall
enough to stand up in.

3) Be smart with glass
Glass is perfect for creating the illusion of space, it can separate areas of your bathroom without making the space feel small.

4) Create an illusion with tiles
The amount of space you actually have, and what the eye perceives, are not the same thing. You can play with boundaries by being smart with tiles in your new bathroom. For example, tile the side of your bath in the same tiles as the wall behind it. This can make it hard to distinguish where the wall begins and ends, making your space feel larger. You might also want to cover the walls and floor with the same tiles. This creates a seamless look.

5) Invest in made to measure fixtures
If you really think through your design, you can fit all the essentials of a bathroom in as little as a 2 square metre space. The key is not to try and squeeze too much in. If you have a small room it is a much better idea to make a focal point of a bath or shower, instead of cramming too much in. Looking into made to measure fixtures for your bathroom remodel can make sure you get the most from your space.