Tips For A Luxury Bathroom Design

Seriously? Where does one find inspiration for a luxury bathroom design and what does luxurious really mean? Materials, design, colour scheme, layout? What if you don’t have the space? The simple answer to these questions is that there is no simple answer. It is very much a case-by-case basis, and all depends on the individual.

Lucky for you, we have a few tips that should get you started and will make this project less daunting and more exciting!

How To Create The Best Luxury Bathroom Design

A functional and practical space

It’s best not to get too distracted with the prospect of a luxurious bathroom. Focus on your routine first. Think about how you currently use your bathroom with its existing layout and set up. Then, reflect on which features you currently ‘make do’ with versus those which are more practical. Your bathroom will offer characteristics that both support your routine and ones you can easily do away with.

The functionality of your bathroom is the most important thing to consider. Once you have given this some thought, other factors come into play.

Maximise your space and consider features

Embrace the space you have and create a luxury scheme that complements your bathroom design and makes it feel bigger. Having a small room does not mean you have to compromise on its features. You can find inspiration and space saving-solutions everywhere and as you see more, your own luxury bathroom design will come together.

There are many features to consider, to include corner showers, floating or recessed cabinets and of course, large mirrors. Collectively, these free up and create the illusion of having more space; mirrors for example will make any seem larger as will cabinets that are recessed into walls.

Décor and lighting

Choosing the right colour scheme for your luxury bathroom project is probably the toughest choice for many people because the possibilities are simply endless. Do you pick your favourite colours, or a palette more suited to well…aquatics? Then we have lighting to consider. Both these depend on the size of your space, options to maximise this as well as how evenly natural light enters the room.

Your routine comes into play once more as it is important you have the right amount of lighting, where you need it the most. Lighting must also be in proportion to the size of your room and how your colour choice impacts the perceived size of your space.

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