Types of Bath Suites

If you are planning a bathroom remodel then you will likely be hearing a lot of lingo about ‘bathroom suites’. Do you get a 3 or 4 piece suite, and what is a suite anyway? We have put together this guide to get you through your bathroom remodel project.

What is a Bath Suite?

A bath suite is a room with a fixed set of objects, for example, a sink, a bath and/or a shower and toilet. Before you start your bathroom redesign, it is useful to think about what you actually want from your bathroom. Is it a family space? Do you prefer long baths or quick showers? Knowing what you want will help you get the best from your project.

What is a 3 Piece Bath Suite?

A 3 piece suite is one that contains a sink, a toilet and one other fixture, usually either a bath or shower. This represents the most common secondary bathroom configuration amongst UK homeowners. But, that doesn’t mean it’s the best one. You may want a his and hers sink instead, whatever is most important to you.

What is a 4 Piece Bath Suite?

A 4 piece bathroom suite consists of a toilet, a sink and then 2 other fixtures, usually a shower and a separate bath. If space is an issue, then a shower fixture can be attached over the bath, and this would still count as a 4 piece suite. This idea is great for those who are trying to convert a smaller bathroom into a more luxurious, but yet also practical, one.

What is a Full Bathroom?

Technically, a bathroom must have a sink, toilet, shower and bath to be considered a full bathroom. If any of those aspects are missing, a quarter is deducted, for example, if you had a sink, toilet and shower then you have a three-quarter bath. If you have a sink and a toilet you have a half-bath.

Now that you know some of the bathroom design lingo, you are ready to get planning and thinking about your space.