Unique Bathroom Designs and Installation

As a bathroom company we, naturally, put a lot of importance on the design and function of your bathroom. It is a space to take care of yourself, unwind and relax in private. Not only that, but it is also a place of fundamental hygiene. Installing a luxury bathroom is a way to ensure your space offers you everything you need from it.

Our luxury bathroom installation process goes like this:

 1. Gathering Ideas:

Before you contact a bathroom installation company you will want to spend some time browsing online, in stores and in magazines for ideas and inspiration. Your new, luxury bathroom is an investment and so you want to take some time to decide for certain what design and overall theme you want. You may consider putting a mood board, or collage, together, to visualise how your bathroom will look.

 2. Thinking About Your Design: 

Once you’ve collected inspiration, you are ready to think about the finer details of the design. Start choosing whether you want a bath, shower, or both. Think about floor covering, fixtures and functionality. You may choose to do this before contacting a bathroom installer, or you may hire one to help you along the way with design ideas.

 3. The Installation:

When you are happy with your design and agree to the installation of the design, bathroom installers will visit your home to get started on the work. Depending on the complexity of the design this can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

 4. The finishing touches:

Once bathroom installers have finished the main tasks, you will be able to get started on the finishing touches that transform an average space into a luxury bathroom. Think about colour schemes, furnishings, small touches such as handrails and soap dispensers, as the saying goes ‘the devil is in the details’, it’s these finishing touches that work to bring together the space.